Industrial Monitors For The Crane Cab


Industrial Monitors For The Crane Cab

Industrial Monitors For The Crane Cab

The customer wants to purchase a batch of industrial monitors for the crane cab. The cab is an important part of the hoisting and transporting machinery to ensure the safe operation of the driver. The industrial LCD monitor is an industrial screen dedicated to the crane cab, providing high-quality image display for the operator.

The workplaces of cranes are usually workshops, warehouses, yards, cargo yards, power stations, ports, shipyards, etc., with special requirements such as high temperature or low temperature, dust hazards, etc. The industrial monitor must have the following characteristics:

1. High and low temperature resistance

The display adopts industrial-grade components and has high and low temperature resistance.

2. Fanless cooling

The monitor adopts a silent fanless heat dissipation structure, fully enclosed dustproof design, compact internal core components, efficient heat dissipation layout, anti-static, reasonable wiring, and achieves efficient heat dissipation without holes. It can also run stably and continuously for a long time in the closed and dusty environment of the crane cab.